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Third party providers and technical services providers can join Open Banking and start developing new banking apps. Once you’ve applied, you can use our developer services right away.

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Open Banking connects you with account providers and gives you access to a range of free resources that will help you develop your services.

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Virgin Money APIs will cover all the key online banking functions, and we’re adding to them all the time. Dynamically register with Virgin Money and then discover our APIs.

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Virgin Money

Virgin Money accounts accessible via our APIs
Virgin Money accounts not accessible via our APIs. For more information on how to access these accounts please visit
Sort Code (Current and Savings accounts)
Starts with 82 or 05
Starts with 08
Account Opened (Current account only)
After 2 December 2019 (or you originally opened your account with Yorkshire Bank, Clydesdale Bank or B)
Before 20 October 2019 (or you originally opened your account with Northern Rock)

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Our sandbox lets you access sample banking data to test the functionality, standards and security of your applications.

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