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Open Banking APIs covering a mix of Virgin Money, B, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank products

Frequently asked questions

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking allows for customers' banking data to be safely shared with trusted Third Party Providers (TPPs).


Please refer to the Open Banking website for further details.

Who is the developer portal designed for?

The developer portal is for software developers of Third Party Providers (TPPs) to provide the information needed to connect to our APIs.

What Virgin Money products were launched after 2 December 2019?

  • Virgin Money Current Account and Instant Saver
  • Virgin M Account and M Saver

What types of certificates do you support?

We only support eIDAS (QSEAL and QWAC) certificates.

How does a Third Party Provider (TPP) on-board?

We allow Dynamic Client Registration providing you have enrolled with Open Banking and uploaded your certificates.

If you are not enrolled with Open Banking and have suitable eIDAS (QSEAL and QWAC) certificates and appropriate permissions from your relevant NCA please email us at with the subject "Manual Registration" and we will process your request.

Having trouble?

Contact our dedicated team members via our ticketing system or via our support mailbox

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