Payment initiation

Version 3.1.1 (Current Version)

What this API does

These APIs provide the ability for payment initiation service providers (PISPs) to initiate a single immediate domestic payments made in GBP.

The API endpoints described here allow a PISP to:

  • Register an intent to stage a payment-order consent.
  • Optionally confirm available funds for a payment-order.
  • Domestic immediate and domestic scheduled payments.
  • Subsequently submit the payment-order for processing.
  • Optionally retrieve the status of a payment-order consent or payment-order resource.

Please note the example responses accurately reflect the response data being returned by Virgin Money. The underlying data dictionary is the Open Banking definitions that includes some optional fields VM will not be returning.


Inline with existing web channels:

  • Payments cannot be initiated from a Virgin Money Current Account
  • Payments from Virgin Money Savings Accounts can only be made to the accounts nominated bank account or another Virgin Money account
  • VM Credit Cards only support Money Transfers and Balance Transfers
  • For payments from Savings accounts we support Faster Payments.
  • Scheduled payments can only be done 30 days in advance.
  • Refer to support pages for details on GET /domestic-payments/{DomesticPaymentId} for Balance & Money Transfers


  • Restricted to authorised PISPs - see support pages for information on how to onboard.
  • For Transport & Signing certificates supported - see support pages
  • For production endpoint - see support pages











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