Standalone APIs

Virgin Money credit cards and products launched before December 2019:

  • Virgin Money credit cards
  • Virgin Money Essentials current account
  • Virgin Money savings account
  • Northern Rock current accounts
Standalone APIs

Brands available

Merged APIs

A mix of Virgin Money, B, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank products:

  • Virgin Money products launched after 2 December 2019
  • All Clydesdale Bank accounts
  • All Yorkshire Bank accounts
  • All B accounts
Merged APIs

Brands available

Frequently asked questions

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking allows for customers' banking data to be safely shared with trusted Third Part Providers (TPPs).

Please refer to the Open Banking website for further details.  

Who is the developer portal designed for?

The developer portal is for software developers of Third Party Providers (TPPs) to provide the information needed to connect to our APIs

Why are there different types of API endpoints?

As part of acquisition of Virgin Money PLC by Clydesdale Bank PLC, Virgin Money PLC moved from their Banking licence to the Clydesdale Bank PLC Banking licence. This resulted in us operating under one OBIE registration – Clydesdale Bank PLC.  We are in the process of completing a rebranding and migration programme which will move all similar types of accounts on to a single, strategic, back end platform which will utilise the Virgin Money brand. 

Until this is complete, Clydesdale Bank PLC will continue to trade as B Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and Virgin Money and have both 'Merged' and 'Stand-Alone' APIs.

Merged and Stand-alone APIs both have Virgin Money endpoints, how can we help customers distinguish between them?

The Merged and the Stand-alone APIs both have Virgin Money endpoints, each with a different logos to help customers distinguish between them:

Merged API -' Virgin Money'

The Virgin Money Merged APIS are our 'go to' API and currently support all previously branded CB, YB and B products. These products have sort codes starting with '82' or '05' and a 10 digit numeric customer number. 

Stand-Alone API - 'Virgin Money Credit Cards'

The Virgin Money Standalone APIs should be used for credit cards and the small number of current and savings products launched prior to Dec 2019. The current and savings accounts have sort codes starting 05 and a 7 digit alphanumeric customer number. When users click to consent against this endpoint they will be taken to a landing page to select which product they have. Current and savings account customers will also be prompted to ensure they have selected the correct 'Virgin Money' connection and if not guided to go back to TPP screen to reselect. 

How long will Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B endpoints be available for?

We no longer allow any customers to sign up to these brands and are in the process of migrating existing customers to the Virgin Money brand. To support this, existing customers are being pro-actively encouraged to start using the VM branded versions of our mobile app and online banking services.  Currently, no date has been confirmed for the decommission of the Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B branded endpoints, however the ecosystem will be given advance notice prior to withdrawal. 

Can customers continue to use existing Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B consents?

Yes, these consents will continue to work until we decommission these endpoints. As part of our rebranding programme we are encouraging customers to delete their Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B consents and set up new consents under Virgin Money to ensure uninterrupted access.

What Virgin Money products were launched after 2 December 2019?

  • Virgin Money Current Account and Instant Saver
  • Virgin M Account and M Saver

What Virgin Money products were launched before 2 December 2019?

  • Virgin Money Credit Cards
  • Virgin Money Essential Current Account
  • Virgin Money Saving Account
  • Northern Rock Current Account

How do I register for your Service-Now support portal?

Please email

We will respond to your email query during normal office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

To assist us, please include your Open Banking organisation ID.

Who do I contact if I have any Virgin Money Open Banking issues or queries?

Please raise a ticket via our Service-Now  portal (if you are registered), raise a ticket via the Open Banking Service Desk (Problem with an ASPSP > Clydesdale Bank) or email

We will respond to your email query during normal office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

To assist us, please include as much information as possible so we can attempt to replicate your issue including whether the issue is with our merged or standalone APIs.