Version 3.0 (Current Version)

What this API does

This API lets you create a new access token request via Virgin Money.

There are three ways you can do this using the below grant types:

  • Client credentials
    • Required parameters to be passed are; grant_type=client_credentials and scope=accounts<or>payments<or>fundsconfirmations
  • Authorisation code
    • Required parameters to be passed are; grant_type=authorization_code, scope=accounts<or>payments<or>fundsconfirmations and code=authorization_code (for sandbox, the authorization code is available within our test data)
  • Refresh token
    • Required parameters to be passed are; grant_type=refresh_token, scope=accounts<or>payments<or>fundsconfirmations and refresh_token

In order to use this endpoint, you must first be Dynamically Registered with Virgin Money.

The access token which will be in JSON web token format (encoded JWT). The JWT token will allow you access to the resource endpoints. 

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